Call me a nerd or whatever…

but I read a LOT. Back in middle school I was quite the book worm, reading in the library at lunch. I got made fun of for being a nerd (I thought it was because I was smart, but now realize it was my introverted personality) and eventually stopped reading as much.

In high school I was sick of not getting a girlfriend because of my social status, so I kind of stopped reading and focused on other things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. This included joining the stomp team. Not only was I the only white kid on the team, but I was the youngest as well (this was freshman year).

I hadn’t really read since then until my boss Michael Colagrossi gave me a self help book on attitude after getting hired as a Mortgage Consultant. I was skeptical about the book but it was very readable and I ended up enjoying and learning a lot from it. It also helped increase my confidence and reignite my interest in books.

Since then (December 2010) I’ve read 6 sales books, 2 psychology books, and a compilation of interviews. I will post reviews of them soon. Those are in addition to the books I’ve read in school. I have come to enjoy reading again, and I kind of wish I hadn’t stopped in the first place. Knowledge IS Power.


About Michael Le Clech

I'm an entrepreneur, DJ, mortgage consultant, and author living in one of the best cities in the United States--Seattle! I have a wide array of interests and plan on writing about whatever I see fit. I'm pretty laid back but I have an adventurous spirit and am very ambitious.
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2 Responses to Call me a nerd or whatever…

  1. Aarika Renaa says:

    I agree – I did the same thing in highschool – up until then I couldnt put them down,e very librarian knew who I was and was always ordering books for me, 10 YEARS later Im just foricng myself to make time and am whipping through them like crazy, I love it 🙂

    • In hindsight I’m glad I put reading on the back burner, because the other stuff I did really helped me come out of my shell. Now I’m really outgoing which I can’t say was the case back in middle school.

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