Seattle Klaxons show cancelled

I regret to inform you that the Klaxons show for April 9th is canceled. In fact all of their North American tour is canceled. However, you can send proof of purchase to for a free download of an unreleased song. Klaxons haven’t released any information as to the cause of the cancellation but I suspect it must be pretty important for them to not even show up to Coachella or Ultra. They have announced that all ticket purchases will be refunded.

If you were counting on the Klaxons show to enjoy the night of April 9th, don’t fret! Seattle Nocturnal Events is hosting DJs From Mars at their show called Slipspace: First Contact. Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets and Clubzone I suggest you get them before they sell out! I’ll be hosting the VIP room so be sure to say hi to me if you purchase VIP tickets (look for the guy in the business suit). I will be making sure all VIP guests are 110% happy with their experience. Once you have tickets, be sure to RSVP as “attending” on the facebook page of the event.


About Michael Le Clech

I'm an entrepreneur, DJ, mortgage consultant, and author living in one of the best cities in the United States--Seattle! I have a wide array of interests and plan on writing about whatever I see fit. I'm pretty laid back but I have an adventurous spirit and am very ambitious.
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