Masquerade Party!

My friend Kat turned 21 about a week ago and last night she had a masquerade party at her place in Bellevue, WA. I accidentally procrastinated and didn’t complete my homework before going out, but I’ll just finish it after this post.

The night before I would have done my homework but my roommates insisted I drink with them and play Cranium. They wanted me to join one of their teams but I denied and challenged them, proclaiming I could win by myself. I was losing at the beginning but towards the end of the game I hit a winning streak on a string of cards, and ended up catching up to JJ and Mystere. They reached the center before me, but the turn following that I reached the center as well. Then I got all 4 cards and won! My friends were good sports about it though.

The party was awesome even though I didn’t get to DJ. There were some pretty cool masks! One dude stuck out like a sore thumb though with his white t-shirt and white checkered shorts. Everyone knows that you’re supposed to wear all black to a masquerade! I met a bunch of cool people including a guy that sells web development and SEO (Search engine optimization) services. We might partner up in the near future. My friend Danielle gave me a ride home after and I promptly passed out, as I was exhausted.


About Michael Le Clech

I'm an entrepreneur, DJ, mortgage consultant, and author living in one of the best cities in the United States--Seattle! I have a wide array of interests and plan on writing about whatever I see fit. I'm pretty laid back but I have an adventurous spirit and am very ambitious.
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