8.9 Earthquake In Japan

I had no idea about the earthquake that happened until my friend JJ told me this morning before we left for work. I was worried sick about my friend Shino who lives in Okinawa, but she just returned an e-mail I sent her, saying that she and her family are okay.

As of now I’m more concerned about the nuclear reactors in Japan. The culture the Japanese have tends to lead to them not asking for help unless they really need it, and they have asked for nuclear coolant. Japanese engineers are very intelligent, but even their plant couldn’t handle the stress from the huge 8.9 earthquake that happened today.

I’m curious to see how things unfold.


About Michael Le Clech

I'm an entrepreneur, DJ, mortgage consultant, and author living in one of the best cities in the United States--Seattle! I have a wide array of interests and plan on writing about whatever I see fit. I'm pretty laid back but I have an adventurous spirit and am very ambitious.
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