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Why should every business develop a business plan?

The answer is simple. It works. Look back in history and see that the most successful entrepreneurs have had a solid business plan. This is essential not only in the content strategy, but in all of the operations. Goal setting … Continue reading

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Call me a nerd or whatever…

but I read a LOT. Back in middle school I was quite the book worm, reading in the library at lunch. I got made fun of for being a nerd (I thought it was because I was smart, but now … Continue reading

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Time to get earthquake insurance?

Today ANOTHER earthquake hit Japan. This time it was a 6.3 and may or may not have been an aftershock of the previous 8.9 earthquake. That being said, 3 earthquakes within such a small amount of time worries me a … Continue reading

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Wonderful HIV/AIDS research advertisement

Check out this advertisement I came across yesterday while surfing random web pages. It counts backwards 90 days showing a substantial health improvement in a woman that has AIDS. While I’m on the subject, last December CNN wrote an article … Continue reading

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Another earthquake!

This time the earthquake was in Burma, rather than Japan. It was only had a 6.8 magnitude but that is still enough to cause plenty of damage. Buildings near the epicenter were vulnerable, so there is a lot of expected … Continue reading

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AWESOME Save The Children campaign

I’ve always wanted to think of a really cool fund raising idea. This one by Save The Children blew me away. The intro page gives some background information about the world’s distribution of wealth, and how likely you are to … Continue reading

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How to save money on your school books

All registered for Spring quarter, I noticed that the book for BUS 270 (The entrepreneurship class at Shoreline Community College) was not yet available in the book store. Wanting to get a head start, I checked the ISBN on Amazon. … Continue reading

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